Can I watch the same video as many times as I want?

Yes. With a subscription you have unlimited views.

How often is there a new video?

There is a new Spoonful every week. It is the Feature of the Week before it joins the library.

Do I have to have my own account to watch Spoonfuls in the video library?

Yes. Please subscribe to watch Spoonfuls whenever and wherever you want.

Who can subscribe?

Anyone. Everywhere. You’ll need an electronic device, internet and a credit card.

How much does a subscription cost?

A subscription is $9.99/month USD or pay $99.00/year USD and save $20.00.

Does the subscription auto renew?

Yes. A receipt is automatically emailed to you upon payment. To unsubscribe go to Cancel in My Account.

When is the best time to watch Spoonfuls?

Anytime. Anywhere. Some people make it a habit to watch Spoonfuls every morning to start their day. Others, watch Spoonfuls when they are commuting on transit, or waiting for someone, or during breaks at work.

Can I let someone else watch Spoonfuls using my account?

Yes. You can share Spoonfuls from your account when you are logged in.

I have a subscription, can I share Spoonfuls at work?

Yes. You can share Spoonfuls at work if permitted by your workplace. We place no restrictions on where or when you can watch Spoonfuls.

Can a company subscribe to Spoonfuls?

Yes. Big and small companies can request an enterprise subscription for multiple employees. Each employee will have their own log-in to access unlimited views. Please contact enterprise@Spoon-ful.com

I have a company and I’d like to use Spoonfuls for commercial purposes?

Please contact Spoonful at enterprise@Spoon-ful.com for written permission.

My Spoonful videos stopped working.

1. Check to make sure you are connected to the internet. 2. Check to make sure your credit card payment is up-to-date and that your credit card and account are still active. 3. Send a message to contact@Spoon-ful.com if your videos still aren’t working.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to My Account and click Cancel to make your choice to unsubscribe. Auto renew payments will automatically be stopped the following month. There are no refunds.

How do the Spoonful creators get paid?

Our Spoonful creators get paid every time you click on their video.

Why do you ask me to post one word on the feed after each Spoonful?

Posting one word helps others in the Spoonful community understand the main thing you took away from the Spoonful.

Can we hire the experts who do the Spoonfuls? We’d like them to do training.

Yes. Please contact enterprise@spoon-ful.com with your request.
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